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The Movie Version

Third track from new record now on youtube and all streaming services


Second track from new record now on youtube and all streaming services 



First track from new record now on youtube on all streaming services 

The new album Working Poor Country is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify and everywhere else; iTunes here. Follow us on Spotify here

"Fleming is... a vital performer in New Zealand and could easily stand beside any major recording artist currently performing anywhere in the world" No Depression magazine - 2017 - full review of Working Poor Country here

To Hell With These Streets - released 2016 - on Spotify

Listen to the Radio NZ review of the album at The Sampler

"To Hell With These Streets is the most confident and most sonically engaging, as well as the most disgruntled album he’s made. But what’s extra impressive is the continuity with the rest of the music he’s made this decade. Greg Fleming is on a roll, and long may he roll." The Sampler Dec 2016.

"Very rarely is the personal so poetic, the poetic so personal. . . and the personal so political. These are postcards from a place you don't want to be. But they are from where you and I live. And Fleming/Working Poor bring them home. . . uncomfortably. Essential." Graham Reid Elsewhere  

Voted one of 2016's best by Elsewhere - here

"In a country of fake folkies, Fleming is a consummate songwriter (‘Edge of the City’ was one of my favourite albums of 2012), a no-nonsense poet of Auckland’s urban sprawl... Like the great country songwriters (Townes, H. Williams I, George Jones) Fleming uses the everyday as fertile material — it doesn’t need a whole lot else." Grade A  ReallyReal Review, Nov 2016

"...noir songs about late nights, tragic figures and chance encounters... Occasionally they're acoustic – take Liquor Store, a downcast tale on a tragic store hold up – but more often they roll along with tough backing from Fleming's truly fantastic backing band, The Working Poor. Evocative songs that are wonderfully played and beautifully produced."

Jack Barlow Sunday Star Times

"Fantastic new album" - John Godfrey, The Troubador Show

"...a rough-edged collection of rock tales of broken people... Fleming's streets are stained, cracked and all too familiar" 3 1/2 out of 4 stars, James Belfield, NZ Listener, Nov 16


 Sick of this Shit - second track from the new album To Hell With These Streets

Life is Short - first single from the new album - see News for more info


Great review of Stranger from NZ Musician - check it out here

Rip It Up recently ran a Q and A with Greg - check it out here.



Coporate Hill from Stranger In My Own Hometown (2015) - free download.




Greg and band (Andrew Thorne, Mark Hughes, Greg and John Segovia, drummer Wayne Bell out of shot) on stage at the Forget the Past record release April 2014. Pic Ted Baghurst.


4 star reviews for Forget the Past

Great review from Radio NZ's Nick Bollinger. Review starts at 13.30.

"hard-boiled and believable [Fleming] has a crime writer's eye for detail..."

"a collection that shows life in all its shades... there are a few lost years between Greg Fleming's first records... and this early renaissance - which may be the reason why this earthy and sophisticated singer-songwriter isn't better known or appreciated, but then the records he's making now are so much better than then and this new one is particularly fine."

4 stars NZ Herald

4 stars Sunday Star Times "Fleming has always been a fine singer and a finer songwriter who is at his finest on Forget the Past"  Mike Alexander, April 20, 2014

"the finest, most enjoyable and coherent Greg Fleming set yet."   No Depression


Download Forget the Past now from bandcamp

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