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Still Blue - single released December 22nd 2018

Working Poor Country

12 track digital release - 2017



To Hell With These Streets

10 track digital release Oct 21st 2016

1. City's Waking Up

2. To Hell With These Streets

3. Pain Pills

4. Sick Of This Shit

5. Life Is Short

6. Liquor Store

7. Badder than

8. Marked Man

9. Lucille

10. Our Little Gang


All tracks words and music Greg Fleming

except To Hell With These Streets Greg Fleming/Wayne Bell

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Stranger In My Own Hometown
10 track Album
Released July 31st 2015 (Forget The Past Records)
Formats: CD Digipack, Digital download. Limited edition cds available in store at Marbecks and Real Groovy (NZ only) and via Bandcamp worldwide (Cds shipped within two days of order).

1. Stranger In My Own Hometown
2. Heart's A Wreck
3. Corporate Hill
4. Gospel Choir
5. Look Where We Ended Up (Killer's Town)
6. Night Country Blues
7. Autumn Auckland
8. Sunday Spells Trouble
9. Down On The Corner
10. This Love Is Gonna Survive

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Forget The Past
11 Track Album
Released March 28 2014 (Forget The Past Records)
Formats: CD (Super Jewel Box) +4page booklet / Digital download, limited edition cds available in store (NZ only) and via Bandcamp (shipped within two days of order).

1. Nobody
2. Working Poor
3. Jaywalkers
4. There She Goes
5. Summer in the City
6. Honeysuckle Love
7. The Good
8. Sleepless Kid
9. Cities in the Distance
10. Broken Lights, New Mexico
11. Winter Sun

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4 stars NZ Herald

"this one feels more shot through with joy and acceptance of life - and for a songwriter that happiness and domesticity are of as much value as source material as discontent. Honeysuckle Love is just plain fun is bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

And Broken Lights, New Mexico (a line from which this album takes it title) is one of the most affecting ballads he has ever written. Hearing this as a farewell to their relationship, any woman would well up at this naked statement of love, defeat and gratitude. Lovely backing vocals by Dianne Swann make it even more heartfelt, bitter-sweet and romantic."

Graham Reid, Elsewhere April 2014 read full review here

"Cities In the Distance is a masterpiece. The masculine back-up voices and sharp beat is filled with strength – they support Greg’s vocals with expressive fuel. They seem to feed off each other like fire and gasoline. This is the kind of song that fascinates me – to follow the thread in the music and to listen intently to see where it will take me."  John Apice No Depression



Edge Of The City
12 Track Album
Released August 31 2012 (LucaDiscs)
Formats: CD (Super Jewel Box) +16page booklet / Digital download

1. More Time
2. Hi Fi Blues
3. Elijah
4. Edge Of The City
5. Recent Hire
6. Wait Up Mama
7. Sonny Jim
8. Cut Man
9. Thinking It Through
10. Working Two Jobs
11. Train On Fire
12. Elevators




32 Track Album ("Taken" + "Ghosts Are White" Remastered w/Bonus Tracks)
Released 2010 (LucaDiscs)
Formats: 2xCD set (Super Jewel Box) +24page book / Digital download 

1. California Fishing
2. Good Memory
3. So Sad Sometimes
4. Taken
5. Hamish
6. Never Wanted To See You Cry
7. Threw Me
8. Codeine Road (Single Version)
9. Lovers Of Listening For The Weather
10. Making A Fool
11. Early Spring
12. Ghosts Are White
13. Mr. Clive
14. Bottom Of The World
15. Wish I'd Hesitated
16. Just Drove Through Town
17. Unanswered Prayers
18. Codeine Road
19. Into Stone Into Sand2
20. Get Somebody Else
21. Wanna See You Again
22. D
23. Fire Escape
24. Hurt In A Friendly Game
25. Grand Baby Grand
26. Whisper
27. She's Got A Star
28. Roll Into My Arms
29. So Happy It's Sad
30. First Waltz
31. Friends Of Mine
32. All The Time In The World




'Ghosts Are White'
CD Single
Released 1993 (Lost Records)

1. Ghosts Are White
2. Grand Baby Grand
3. Just Drove Through Town



Ghosts Are White
Released 1993 (Lost Records) Rereleased 2010 (LucaDiscs)
Format: CD

1. Ghosts Are White
2. Mr. Clive
3. Bottom Of The World
4. Wish I'd Hesitated
5. Just Drove Through Town
6. Unanswered Prayers
7. Codeine Road
8. Into Stone Into Sand
9. Get Somebody Else
10. Wanna See You Again



'Codeine Road'

CD Single
Released 1994 (Lost Records)

1. Codeine Road (Single Version)
2. All The Time In The World
3. First Waltz